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Match 1 -As the beauteous JC Marie stretches in the ring, tattooed tough girl Laeiana Forte challenges her to a match and decks JC with a clothesline. Pulling JC up by her blonde locks, Laeiana smacks JC in the face, sending her down again. After some more abuse, JC snaps back with her own hard-hitting barrage of, but is ultimately knocked out by the brunette. When she recovers, JC vows payback, but, even after getting some small measure of it, is knocked out again. Can JC mount enough of an offense to bring Laeiana down?

Match 2Lexxi Tyler’s absolutely ravishing in her sheer white baby doll top—and Tylene Buck just has to have a piece of her. As Tylene pats and fondles Lexxi’s killer body, Lexxi’s arched back fuels Tylene’s lust. Tylene finds ever-more creative ways to bend Lexxi back for her—over the top ring ropes, on the mat, while licking Lexxi’s toes, while lying on top of her, in a mock surfboard hold, in a waist scissors, tied to the turnbuckle—all with little resistance from luscious Lexxi—until Tylene makes the big mistake of putting on Lexxi’s baby doll.

Match 3Christina Carter and Goldie Blair strip off their robes to reveal their incredible topless bodies at the start of this match. With their hands behind their backs, these bosomy babes smash their pumpkin-sized breasts into each other repeatedly. Christina uses her fists to pound the cornered Brit’s mammaries and bashes Goldie’s face with her own bodacious boobs. Goldie retaliates with mighty body blows, but this bruising brawl is just starting as tender bellies and tits are battered, clawed and stomped to an epic breast smother conclusion.


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