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Match 1 -Proud of her nice round ass, JC Marie doesn’t cotton to Ashley Steel’s claims of her own booty superiority. A slap to Ashley’s face ignites this butt war. Both ladies wear cropped t-shirts and tight blue jeans that ride down to expose their tiny thongs. Those tiny strings are wedged hard into their butt cracks as each cheeky challenger ratchets up the punishment. Ashley softens JC up with some face and body blows but promptly returns her attention to JC’s impressive derriere. As the pants ride down to half-mast, Ashley straddles her facedown opponent and the camera closes in for some delectable cheek-to-cheek action. After a facesit smother ends the ring match, the topless loser is taken to the parlor where her wrists are bound and her stripped body draped over the victor’s knee for some stinging spanks to further her humiliation.

Match 2Sinn Sage vows to get even for her defeat at the hands of Melanie in their previous encounter. Melanie is just as determined to take Sinn down once more, so both tigresses waste no time in lashing into each other and rolling across the ring in a tangle of flailing limbs. After throwing Melanie face first into the turnbuckle for some body blows, Sinn flips the plump cutie to the canvas. Melanie catches Sinn’s kicking foot and manages to reverse the advantage, crushing Sinn with a belly-to-belly pin. These fierce felines pull out all the stops as legs wrap around ribs, fingers yank upon scalps and arms crush against windpipes. As the tiny tops are stripped away, the fists, feet and knees continue to mete out punishment and bodies are thrown, crushed and contorted. One tired tussler finally succumbs to a sleeper, the victory for her opponent truly hard won.

Match 3Christina Carter definitely has a grudge against Ashley Steel, who humiliated Christina’s sister by forcing her to massage Ashley’s ass. Ashley brags that she’ll make Christina do the same, but the buxom brunette has other ideas. Christina quickly gets Ashley down on her stomach and straddles the smaller blonde, pressing her firm cheeks against her foe’s. Christina punishes Ashley with scissors and a standing surfboard, but Ashley turns the tables and is soon planting her posterior on Christina’s booty in Ashley’s own variation of a camel clutch. Delicious derrieres are used as weapons as well as targets with one girl trapped in the corner as the other rams her butt against her victim’s. Fingernails dig into the marvelous nether mounds for even more abuse. In the end, one bare-assed babe lies moaning on the mat as the other straddles her, quite literally pressing the flesh.


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