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Match 1 -When JC Marie enters the room bragging about her admittedly remarkable boobs and booty, Monica Foster takes exception and shows off her own impressive assets. Sizing up the competition by pressing nipples against nipples, it becomes evident that there may be more than just bragging rights riding on this encounter. After physically examining their respective round bottoms, they both drop to their knees to settle the matter with an arm wrestling match, the winner to strip the loser. Despite her victory, Monica leaves JC’s thong on and gives the blonde a lesson on how to strip for a lover. JC opts to teach a class of her own—in catfighting. Stripping Monica naked, JC digs her hand into the black girl’s exposed crotch and butt. However, when Monica turns the tables, it is soon a nude JC who is victimized—all bravado reduced to pathetic whimpers.

Match 2 -It’s the age-old story: two bikini babes, in this case Lisa Comshaw and Angella Faith (in her DT debut), vying for the same modeling job and having to settle the matter by fighting it out in the ring. The winner will be the one who returns to the modeling agency with the loser’s bikini. The no-rules brawl commences with a test of strength with each girl trying to kick her way to an advantage. There is no pretense of scientific grappling here, just two desperate women tearing at each other as they grope, prod, squeeze, straddle and choke each other into oblivion. One girl is totally defrocked while the victor manages to keep her panties on throughout the fight. A reverse facesit smothers the fight out of the bare naked lady and the winner gets the loser’s bikini—and the modeling gig.

Match 3Christina Carter and Amber Michaels primp and preen before the camera as they prepare for their ring match. Each wears a see-through body stocking, with Amber not even bothering to put a bikini on underneath. It makes little difference, however, since, after some rough tumbling, straddling, pinning and grappling, both of these curvy tigresses end up with their body stockings stripped away and their bountiful bodies bared for the whole world to see. Headlocks, scissors, facesits, crotch grabs, chokes and breast smothers are a few of the assaults that each girl inflicts and endures. A naked facesit sends one sweaty and tired lass to oblivion as the gloating champion poses victoriously for the camera once more.


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