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Match 1Cali Logan and Cindy Pucci meet up at the same lovely rental home, each thinking that she will be staying there for the summer. Neither will relinquish this LA home with a killer view so they, naturally, decide to settle it by force. And don’t let their civilized accoutrements fool you—beneath the finely tailored skirts, blouses and heels, lie the savage primitives just itching to break loose. And that they do as these once cultured cuties slap, claw and rip into each other like the true hellcats they are. The blouses are the first to go as they repeatedly bump each other chest to chest. The bras go next as Cali traps Cindy in a series of scissors as the chest slams begin anew. Once the girls are down to only their panties, hose and heels, more scissors and body bashes follow until matter is finally settled by some hard blows to the face, which knocks one squatter out of the race.

Match 2 -Once again, Akira Lane and Tylene Buck find themselves up for the same modeling gig and having to resort to violent measures to settle the matter. Both beauties are dressed in white shorts tied at the front to expose their midriff and tiny plaid skirts. The battle starts with a blow to the face, which is countered by another and another. These gorgeous kissers are smacked around like piñatas with both girls getting their fair share of facial abuse. When Akira appears out for the count, Tylene lets her confidence get the better of her experience and the Asian bombshell springs back up to whip up a kamikaze attack of her own— only to be countered yet again by Tylene’s flashing fury. An extended hairpulling fracas follows with pigtails almost yanked out of their roots. Then it’s the bared boobs turn to become targets. One girl declares herself the winner—but it may not be the victory she counted on.

Match 3 -Posed seductively on the sofa and decked out in a sexy nightie with heels and stockings, Cali Logan is making a video for her absent boyfriend, but is interrupted by Emily Addison (in her DT debut), who announces that she is going to steal Cali’s boyfriend. Emily, in bra, panties heels and hose, tries to steal the camera’s focus away from Cali, which sparks an all-out war between the two ravishing rivals. Faces are slapped, boobs are clawed, bellies are punched and crotches are assaulted in this wicked wonderland of pandemonium. Cali’s waist scissors is countered by Emily’s with knee smashes to Cali’s groin thrown in just for the sadistic fun of it. After more and more abuse meted out and received, the bras come off and slim, lithe limbs snake around each other, bodies like slithering pythons. A beaten girl is pulled up by her hair as the winner dangles her in front of the camera—a champion holding up her trophy.


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