Match 1 -Bikini-clad adventuress Alexis Angel is cuffed and bound to a sinister-looking harness device—and that is only the start of her troubles as the Masked Malevolence (Kristie Etzold) enters the ring, determined to destroy her. Propping the heroine in the corner Malevolence pounds away at Alexis’ bare belly. Using the harness to choke even more of the fight out of Alexis, the black-hearted villain continues using her ebony-haired captive as a punching bag. Strapped to the harness, Alexis is totally defenseless as the blows rain down on her like hail stones. When Malevolence attacks Alexis’ eye with a power drill, it’s only the heroine’s ultra-strong skin that prevents her from being killed—although the horrific pain is all too evident on her bloodied face. And it doesn’t end there for the tormented victim as her sadistic oppressor finds even more weapons of torture to ratchet up the agony. Alexis is eventually released from the harness, but, with nowhere to run, her nightmare is far from over.

Match 2 -Famed superheroine Daisy Chain (Stacy Burke) must stop a deadly villainess (Diana Knight) from using the powers the evil one has stolen from her sister superheroines in her quest for ultimate global conquest. Challenging the evil beauty to a fight in the Arena of Champions, the blonde heroine knows that the fate of the world rests on her caped shoulders. Daisy Chain charges at the Siren of Sin with fists and feet flying, landing terrific, but seemingly ineffective blows to the contemptuously laughing villainess. As hard as she strikes, Daisy Chain can’t seem to faze her black-booted foe. The Vixen of Venom finally starts going on the offensive against the tiring heroine and Daisy Chain is pummeled and thrown. The crimefighting cutie retaliates the best she can, but the laughter of the bombastic bad girl continues to underline just how futile Daisy Chain’s efforts are. Yet, the de-caped, de-booted heroine won’t surrender. She must fight on, no matter what—even if it means her ultimate destruction.

Match 3 -When Cali Logan gets a message about an assault at the Mayor’s office, she transforms in the her heroic alter ego, Garter-Girl! As the villainesses Bombshell (Emily Addison) and Vixen (Cindy Pucci) prepare to escape with a disc that will break the security codes of all the banks in LA, their path is blocked by the sexy superheroine. The blonde baddies ridicule Garter-Girl’s name and costume by scoffing, “What are you gonna do? Model for us?” Then, the evil pair shows our heroine just what they can do. Bombshell uses her super-strength to knock down Garter-Girl with one punch. Then, Vixen utilizes her super claws to maul the caped crimefighter’s belly. Garter-Girl takes on both foes at once as they exchange one savage series of punches after another. The heroic hellion is stunned by a low blow (a typical villain ploy by Bombshell), leaving her open to an attack on her breasts (another standard villain tactic by Vixen). Double-teaming the addled champion of justice, Bombshell and Vixen ultimately remove Garter-Girl’s top, the better for Vixen’s claws to do their dirty work. The villainesses relish their supremacy, making them over-confident—which may prove to be their ultimate undoing as the nature of Garter-Girl’s power is finally revealed.


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