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Match 1 -Raven-haired siren Diana Knight strips off her street clothes, tantalizing the viewer with her deliciously naked body, and gets into sheer black pantyhose and heels as she gets ready for her fight with buxom beauty Christina Carter, who does likewise when she enters the dressing room after Diana departs. The vixens meet in the parlor and immediately thrust their sharp nails into each other’s big tits. As Diana grabs Christina’s hair, Christina claws Diana’s crotch. After removing their shoes for better maneuverability, these haughty hellions try to crush each other with a mutual chest-to-chest bearhug that quickly gets converted into a waist scissors. Facesits, crotch grabs, standing head scissors and even more boob mauling abound until Christina is choked out, ending the first fall. With vengeance flashing in her gorgeous blue eyes, Christina tears into her foe at the start of the second round, with Diana right in there, clawing, choking and mauling with equal ferocity. They rip each other’s pantyhose to shreds until one salaciously succulent succubus presses, crushes and smacks her sweaty naked body against that of the other.

Match 2 -Tattooed tootsie Laeiana Forte takes control quickly as her test of strength takes Lisa Comshaw to the canvas seconds into the start of their ring match. Lisa appears exceptionally outclassed as Laeiana claws Lisa’s boobs, attacks her crotch and tries to crush Lisa’s ribs with a waist scissors. After having her bikini top removed, Lisa tries to rally by stripping off Laeiana’s top and going for some breast and crotch assaults of her own. However, another test of strength soon finds Lisa on her back yet again, and prey to Laeiana’s perniciously prying and prodding fingers. Lisa loses the first round and looks more than a bit fatigued as she starts the second fall. Sure enough, another test of strength sends Lisa to the mat once again and Laeiana adds to Lisa’s torment with a crotch-burning wedgie, yanking Lisa’s thong up between her legs like a bungee cord. It’s pretty much Laeiana’s match from here on, with Lisa eventually having to continue the contest t nude, stripped not only of her thong bottom, but also her fighting spirit and dignity.

Match 3 -Alluring Asian Akira Lane and tantalizing temptress Tylene Buck are almost totally naked (the only thing they’re wearing are sexy high-heel boots) as they face each other in the indoor DT ring. These glorious gladiators meet in center ring and their fingers entwine in a lengthy test of strength, peppered with vitriolic vows of destruction spewing through gritted teeth and lacquered lips. Even on their knees with their round breasts pressing against each other, neither she-devil will surrender to the other. When, finally, Akira goes down, the Japanese fighter quickly traps her blonde foe in a waist scissors-choke combination that has Tylene flailing and gasping. Tylene reciprocates in kind and the tide of battle goes in and out for both evenly-matched beauties. Ring ropes are used to crush the windpipe of one struggling girl, then the other. Standing head scissors rattle the noggins, long legs squeeze hard on bruised ribs and more tests of strength strain the endurance of powerful arms as this titanic tussle finally concludes with a choke out that leaves one doll’s body struggling to accept what her mind already knows—that she’s done.


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