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Match 1 -It’s been a while since Mina Meow has been the DT wrestling ring and she’s anxious to sharpen her claws on Celeste Star’s hide. Mina quickly tries to squelch Celeste’s initial fury with a bearhug, but Celeste quickly escapes and the grapplers fall to the canvas, pulling hard at each other’s lean limbs while digging one foot into one girl’s crotch. As befits her name, Mina is a born catfighter, ever ready and capable of clawing, choking and cheating with the best of them. And, make no mistake about it: Celeste is one of the best catfighters there is. Lithe legs wrap around slim waists like boa constrictors. Bodies fly and crash like colliding comets. Fingernails claw into vulnerable breasts like avian predators snatching their prey. Bikini tops become casualties of war as these petite powerhouses choke, stretch, stomp and punch one another with neither let up nor mercy. A sleeper hold seems to mark the end for Mina, but it turns out that this cat does indeed have at least one more life as she returns from the dead to launch a tremendous assault on one completely surprised Celeste.

Match 2 -Darkness meets light as bodacious black girl Monica Foster sets out to whoop blonde golden girl Tylene Buck’s vanilla-white ass. It’s going to be a tall order as Monica is tripped down to the mat first and Tylene presses her body down on her. Monica reverses the maneuver, but the advantage seesaws from one beauty to the other throughout much of this match. These babes may be a contrast in skin color, but inside, they both have the souls of she-devils, out to win at whatever cost. Whether it be bodies being punched, hair being pulled or booties being spanked, these glorious gladiators take and receive all manner of abuse, even having bikini bottoms yanked up into their tender areas. Several chokes attempt to crush vulnerable windpipes. Feet dig into vulnerable crotches and bikini tops are yanked off as the vortex of violence escalates with every dirty tactic. These fast-fisted, keister-kicking hellcats punch, squeeze, stretch, kick and claw for seeming eternities—but for one unfortunate fighter, this eternity reaches its end in the form of an energy-depleting, match-ending figure-four scissors choke.

Match 3 -Tribal queen Goldie Blair finds her right to rule challenged by ambitious usurper Lisa Comshaw. Both girls are dressed only in bikini bottoms, leaving their voluptuous bodies open to any form of abuse that this battle may bring. Goldie displays her warrior queen status by punching Lisa in the face at the very start of the contest. The challenger is not to be cowed so easily as she and Goldie twine their fingers together in a test of strength. When Lisa loses that contest, she demands another chance—only to lose again and become trapped in Goldie’s bearhugs—one frontal and one reverse. Lisa fares little better in two arm wrestling challenges and it appears that this tribal hopeful does not have what it takes to lead a tribe. When the tournament reaches its catfight stage, Goldie takes it to the extreme to snuff out any hope of glory the infidel Lisa may have ever harbored. Lisa’s breast are clawed, her crotch abused, her body crushed and her spirit finally broken. (NOTE: While not a nude match, this video does contain sequences where Lisa’s thong is yanked between her legs, revealing her pubic area.)


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