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Match 1 -The magnificently delectable Christina Carter practically burns the camera lens as she coos seductively to an unseen benefactor named Bob, stripping off all her clothes in preparation for a match against Tylene Buck. After moisturizing herself, Christina puts on white panties, blouse and high heels, set for a good day of female dominance. Not to be outdone, Tylene later appears on the same mountain-view patio and plays out the same coquettish strip scene to the mysterious Bob in front of the camera. The sexy antagonists continue playing to the camera as they meet in the posh living room. The blouses come off first as they dig their nails into mammoth breasts and send bare-knuckled lobs into each other’s bellies. The tiny panties don’t survive long either as these delirious delights go all out to humiliate and dominate on another for the pleasure of the man called Bob. Breasts are brutalized as targets and utilized as weapons. Long legs wrap around necks like boa constrictors. Glossy lips reveal sharp teeth that do their fair share of damage. Tender crotches are abused and bare flesh is mauled as these naked hellions pull out all the stops to win the favor of that enigma known simply as Bob.

Match 2Venus Delight is having a good day as she gives thanks for all the good things in her life, especially her wonderfully large breasts and the way her lover Rich caresses them. The day sours when Rich phones her and tells her of a sexy black girl he’s met—and who is coming to meet Venus. When Jada Fire (making her DT debut) arrives in the living room, Venus is determined to take this dark-skinned home wrecker down. The rivals doff their robes to flaunt their voluptuous assets, each claiming her own zaftig superiority. Removing their bras, both their respective claims are impressively validated. They go down to the carpet to settle this with an arm-wrestling challenge that forces the loser Venus to submit to a severe spanking. Jada amps up the punishment by wedging the Venus’ panties up hard between her ample butt cheeks and then taking those panties for a prize to give to Rich. Venus is not letting this end yet as she drives Jada into the wall with a chest-to-chest body press and smothering her cries of protests with smothering kisses. Forcing her blonde adversary to the sofa, Jada returns the favor, pressing both her bare breasts and lips against Venus. Naked crotches and asses are prodded and maligned and nipples are clawed to the point of lactation. When one girl finally surrenders, the winner picks up the phone and lets Rich know whose breasts he’ll be fondling tonight.

Match 3Sandy is enjoying a good laugh after sending her last opponent out of the ring stark naked. However, that humiliated loser just happens to be Sinn Sage’s best friend, and Sinn enters the ring to admonish Sandy for going too far. The young upstart thinks that Sandy needs to be taught a lesson, but it’s Sandy who intends on doing the schooling. Sinn’s determination is evident as she desperately tears into Sandy, throwing her to the mat and pounding at her ferociously. Sandy slows Sinn down with a knee to the head, but the younger girl rallies with some body bashing of her own. Sandy’s years of experience—and innate nastiness—start taking their toll on little Sinn as she systematically starts peeling away Sinn’s clothing one piece at a time. The shirt goes first, then her sneakers, then her sweatpants—all the while with the sounds of Sinn’s pathetic cries providing pained-filled punctuation. Sinn is slammed, folded, stretched, punched and outright destroyed until that last stitch of clothing is torn from her body—and then things only get worse.


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