Match 1 -Melissa Jacobs acts as both announcer and referee as Summer Cummings and JC Marie step into the ring for a bout of topless boxing. Scheduled as a 6-round match, both bountiful boxers are pretty evenly matched, with each leather-gloved goddess looking to add her first win to her record. The first round begins with both beauties landing hard jabs to each other’s midsection until some head shots from Summer back her blonde opponent into the ropes. JC Marie tries to cover up, but Summer’s blows stagger her. JC turns the tide with a devastating right cross that forces Melissa to give Summer a standing 8-count. Both gladiators resort to clinches to keep themselves up until the bell clangs, ending the first round. JC comes on strong in Round 2 as she pummels the cornered Summer viciously. Summer is definitely wobbly as she is subjected to yet another 8-count. Summer is definitely getting the worst of it now and it doesn’t look likely that this hard-hitting match will go the distance.

Match 2 -After Nicole Oring accepts a phoned-in boxing challenge from Miko, she is stunned to find Goldie Blair entering the ring instead. Goldie declares that Miko is her personal punching bag and intends on literally pounding that message into Nicole’s head. The topless pugilists don their gloves and charge into the center of the ring as the opening bell chimes. Goldie is definitely a tougher opponent than Miko would have been and the two gloved battlers exchange equally powerful blows to each other. After being trapped in the corner for some hard body battering, Nicole goes down and barely makes it back to her feet before the ten-count. Nicole makes an impressive comeback, but soon finds herself knocked down again, this time for good. Feeding on the taste of her own victory, Goldie challenges the beaten Asian to a wrestling match. Nicole has no choice but to accept since Goldie will not allow her to walk out of the ring otherwise. A wrestling victory means that Nicole can walk out of the ring. A loss will mean Nicole being tied to the turnbuckle to be used as Goldie’s punching bag, replacing Miko. Somehow, we predict that Nicole is going to regret ever stepping into the ring this day.

Match 3 -After utterly destroying Nicole in their last boxing-wrestling encounter, Goldie is astounded to be challenged again by the revenge-seeking Asian. From the first clang of the opening bell, these bombastic brawlers really go for broke as they trade vicious volleys with heated passion. It’s one brutal blow after another, with fire burning in both sets of determined eyes. Nicole is a speed demon as she keeps dancing around the ring, tiring the British bombshell as Goldie struggles to keep up with her. When Goldie stops to catch her breath, Nicole goes in for the kill. Nicole avenges every blow she had to endure at Goldie’s hands, one hard punch after another. Goldie tries to make a comeback, but Nicole’s vicious barrage has taken its toll. She goes down hard, barely managing to escape being counted out. However, Goldie’s battering is only the first part of Nicole’s payback. Now it’s time to take Goldie down in a wrestling match. After that—well, Nicole remembers all too well what it was like to be used as a helpless punching bag—and if Nicole has any say in it, Goldie will soon be sharing in those memories.


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