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The Queen of the superheroines known as the Angels have sent one of their greatest champions Gold Star (Goldie Blair) to Earth to capture the villainess Chrysis (Diana Knight) who has defeated and captured many of their kind. In her lair, the black-suited assassin senses Gold Star’s arrival and prepares to bushwhack her, but is herself ambushed by the superheroine. Gold Star is powerful indeed, as she uses her sheer might to force Chrysis to her knees. However, when Chrysis’ teeth bare in an evil smile mated with her familiar chilling laugh, things turn against Gold Star. As she knocks out the heroine with a head butt, Chrysis runs off into the recesses of her hideout. Gold Star awakens to stalk out her target, but is she predator or prey? The Angel champion is weakened by Chrysis’ ocular power beams and the villainess is confident of an easy victory. That may prove to be Chrysis’ biggest mistake as the superheroine punches and wrestles the evildoer measure for measure. Chrysis continues to use her eye beams to overcome her adversary, but Gold Star may have been more prepared than the malevolent madwoman had anticipated. Will Gold Star succeed where so many of her sister Angels have failed?


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