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Match 1 -Curvy bondage diva Kimberly Marvel makes her DT debut as she confronts Akira Lane in the ring. Both babes wear tiny bikinis and wrestling boots as they lock fingers in a test of strength at the start of the match. Kimberly takes advantage of her size advantage as she forces her Asian adversary down and knocks her around the ring during the early part of this contest. However, Akira’s proven time and again that she’s a compact package of dynamite and it only takes one punch from the far eastern powerhouse to knock Kimberly down. The bigger girl turns it around again as she batters, straddles and smothers Akira viciously. Akira mounts another rally, pummeling Kimberly in the corner with rattling blows to Kimberly’s soft belly. Akira tries to further weaken her opponent by using Kimberly’s own bikini top as a choking weapon. This gambit seems to work and soon it is the fulsome Ms. Marvel who is struggling to survive against the kamikaze attacks of her exotic adversary. Will this be a case of a David taking down a Goliath, or will size ultimately win out over experience?

Match 2Emily Addison and Celeste Star face each other in tiny pink bikinis and wrestling boots inside the DT ring and immediately get down to violent business. Their test of strength is broken by kicks to the ribs and a bearhug brings both battling beauties to the mat where a breast smother pin attempts to snuff some of the fight out one grappling gamine. Emily’s head is smashed into the turnbuckle which sets her up for a devastating elbow smash. Chokes, more bearhug and breast smothering action, breast claws that force pert boobs out of their flimsy tops and tight leg scissors are part and parcel of the wild fracas that explodes across the four corners of the indoor ring. Crotches are kicked, bodies are thrown and bare flesh are battered by raining fists of fury. A surfboard nearly pulls one girls’ arms out of their shoulder sockets as a follow-up camel clutch amps up the pain. Anything goes in this delirious donnybrook as nails, fists, feet knees and even teeth become torturous weapons of destruction. It all finally hits the finish line when a sleeper hold takes one topless contender to the land of nod.

Match 3 -Newcomers Ashley Steel and Prinzzess take each other on in the DT ring and both lithe lovelies set out to add another win to their wrestling creds. What they lack in experience they easily make up for in moxie, as they quickly become a tangle of twisting limbs tumbling all upon the mat. These hellcats waste little time in trying to rip each other’s bikini tops off and quickly use the torn garments as garrotes. Choking, hairpulling, slaps, breast claws and crotch attacks are standard issue in a catfight and these feral felines resort to these tactics through sheer instinct. Ashley rattles Prinzzess’ belly with some hard punches, but the willowy blonde gets back at the brunette with some wicked kicks to Ashley’s ribs. The advantage shifts back and forth pretty regularly as these thong-wearing thunder cats continue to go at each other’s throats, breasts and privates without mercy or letup until one breathless beauty can continue no more.


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