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Match 1 – The delectable Tasha Welch returns to the DT ring to take on the big black bruiser known as Darrius. The blonde vixen makes good use of her strong, long legs to trap Darrius in a vise-like head scissors, but the dark male uses his own strong arms to snare Tasha in a headlock. Tasha uses the force of Darrius’ follow-up full nelson against him as she flips him to the canvas and once again clamps his head with her mighty gams adding a few punches to Darrius’ genitals for good measure. Darrius counters with several powerful maneuvers of his own, including having Tasha draped backward over his knee as he punishes her extended stomach, but the fair-haired firebrand keeps using her powerful legs to overturn every advantage Darrius attains. Removing her bra in defiance, Tasha centers the bulk of her remaining attacks on Darrius’ balls and this going to be one time that this man is really going to regret not wearing a cup. Tasha makes the mistake of letting Darrius catch his breath and soon her tactics become less effective. As a seeming stalemate is reached, the scene switches and we find Darrius and Tasha fighting over a TV remote in the parlor. Tasha uses the same ball-busting tactics to show Darrius that you don’t mess with her when she wants to watch her favorite shows.

Match 2 – Sweet-faced dynamo Cali Logan takes on the compact and muscular Leonard in this inter-gender ring battle, scheduled as a multi-fall match. Leonard starts off strong as he decks Cali with a clothesline, using a series of headlocks and arm holds to work her into the corner for added abuse. Cali is clotheslined again and her meager retaliations is neutralized by Leonard’s dizzying airplane spin which sets her up for the 10-count pin, giving Leonard the first fall. The second fall doesn’t start much better for Cali as Leonard staggers her with forearm smashes to the throat and yet another unwelcome flight and crash. Leonard is now up by two falls and Cali has m a lot of catching up to do. Cali gets in some good shots, and even manages to win one of the falls, but even as she seems to have Leonard on the losing end for a while, but Leonard’s superior strength and ring savvy may prove too much for the proud young lass as she is slammed, splashed and thrown repeatedly, enduring an arsenal that includes piledrivers, bodyslams and violent knockdowns that few more seasoned grapplers could ever withstand.

Match 3 – Tough pro Raquel has recently retired from the ring, and this final encounter with the brutish lady-killer named The Puma may have been one of the reasons why. The beautiful ring vet is systematically torn apart from the opening headlock and backbreaker opening salvo. The Puma clamps his meaty fingers around Raquel’s throat, causing the fabulous femme to flail about pathetically. A reverse bearhug weakens Raquel even more. The Puma shows no mercy as he stomps, chokes, punches, lifts, rams and slams the struggling girl like the malicious woman-hater he is. Poor Raquel is subjected to neck and waist scissors, hair pulls, belly blows, claw holds, knee drops, chin locks, camel clutches, armbars—pretty much the entire gauntlet of pain. Even as Raquel pleads for her life as she suffers through The Puma’s over-the-shoulder backbreaker, the monstrous masked man will hear none of it. He wants to make sure that the only way Raquel is going to leave the ring is to be carried out.


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