Match 1Goldie Blair doesn’t even get to utter a full sentence before she is ambushed from behind by Emily Addison, starting this wicked match with a bang. The slim blonde tries to quickly snuff the fight out of the Brit bombshell with a battery of smothers with her hands and breasts, along with chokes and hard punches to the solar plexus. However, Goldie’s stamina should never be underestimated and she starts meting out some payback to her treacherous foe. Emily tries to regain the advantage with a surfboard, but Goldie muscles her way out and traps Emily’s pretty face in a facesit smother-matchbook pin combo. Goldie uses her ring savvy to great advantage as she overwhelms Emily with standing head scissors, body presses, and stomps. Using Emily’s own bikini top as a weapon of strangulation, Goldie uses her free hand to claw her blonde adversary’s plump breasts. Emily’s early sneak attack seems to have definitely backfired as Goldie paves a violent, vengeful path towards the golden-tressed gamine’s ultimate destruction.

Match 2 – The prospect of tangling with the sensational Sinn Sage doesn’t seem to intimidate Cali Logan all that much, but that is likely to change as Sinn quickly traps her sweet-faced foe in a crushing waist scissors. Sinn is impressed with Cali’s flexibility as she bends her back with a spine arching camel clutch. Sinn hopes to further weaken her opponent with a chest-to-chest bearhug, but she seriously miscalculates Cali’s strength. As Sinn crumples to the mat, Cali gets some measure of retaliation with some hard blows and tries to choke the life out of Sinn. A few blows to Cali’s stomach put Sinn in the driver’s seat again as she rams the pretty brunette’s head into the turnbuckle. Sinn grabs Cali’s bikini bottom and yanks it hard up her opponent’s crotch, setting the trapped beauty up for even more shots to the stomach. Don’t count Cali out juts yet, though. Cali escapes Sinn’s facesit pin with a waist scissors and escapes Sinn’s standing surfboard to dole out some hard blows to Sinn’s taut belly. Sinn decks Cali with a clothesline, but Cali comes back with a cross-body pin. Each topless battling babe takes quite a beating until a final neck scissors determines who will walk out of the ring a winner.

Match 3 – Beautiful, busty blondes Tylene Buck and JC Marie stand proud and topless as they talk smack about each other at the start of this outdoor ring match. Tylene is caught by surprise as JC rams some hard blows to Tylene’s belly. JC then proceeds on giving Tylene an extreme makeover with a series of hard slaps to Tylene’s gorgeous face. Tylene’s in major trouble as JC throws her to the canvas and continues torturing the ravishing blonde with belly blows, claw holds, wedgies and chokes. The brutality continues as Tylene is again propped up against the ropes for more abdominal assaults, punctuated with further attacks on Tylene’s face. As Tylene is once again thrown to the mat, all the fight has been beaten out of her. However, her cries of surrender fall on deaf ears as JC aims her manicured nails at Tylene’s bountiful breasts, torturing Tylene’s hard nipples with merciless glee. After a long session of mammary mauling, JC lifts Tylene by the hair and thrusts her against the ropes again to start the hellish process all over again. How much more of this bestiality can Tylene endure?


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