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Time/Size: 21 min/481 MB

Newcomer Karlie, in her DT debut, is hoping that her spunk will allow her to take down the more-experienced Tylene Buck in this ring contest. Karlie is in for an advance course in dirty fighting as Tylene uses Karlie’s red hair to take her down. The tyro’s protestations are stifled by Tylene’s vicious chokes and Karlie’s hair is used again to set her up for Tylene’s standing head scissors. As Karlie tries desperately to gain some forward momentum, she is again stymied when Tylene uses Karlie’s torn off bikini top to choke her. Karlie finally manages to flip Tylene off and tries to dish out some punishment of her own, but she quickly finds herself on the receiving end of a foot to the throat choke. What few times Karlie gets the advantage are systematically countered by the experience and brute force of her busty blonde opponent. Karlie is flipped hard to the canvas; she is choked while trapped in a camel clutch; her back is tortured by a standing surfboard and her cornered body is rocked by a blistering barrage of blows that further debilitates the spunky, but out-classed young fighter. It’s a hard lesson Karlie’s learning today and Tylene is one mean teacher.


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