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Time/Size: 20 min/442 MB

Delicious diva Diana Knight, in a tiny gold bikini, takes on sexy sensation Shayla (aka Kristal Summers), dressed in a black and red bikini, in a ring match sure to provide a feast for the senses. Diana takes control in the first seconds as Shayla is thrown to the mat and snared with a tight head scissors. Shayla escapes by pounding Diana ‘s belly and squishing her breast. Diana regains command of the action with a bow and arrow stretch and continues her dominance by pinning the smaller blonde while the raven haired vixen pounds away at Shayla’s tummy. Softening the busty blonde with some more punches and breast smothers, Diana traps Shayla in the corner and pounds away at the topless beauty. Shayla finally manages to give Diana a taste of her own medicine, but loses some of her momentum as she is crushed by Diana’s bearhugs. Diana traps Shayla in a figure-four head scissors, but the blonde comes back with a sitting surfboard stretch. Shayla chokes Diana with her own bikini top, but the raven-haired beauty almost snuffs Shayla out with a sleeper. Recovering quickly, Shayla trips Diana to the canvas and pounces on Diana’s might mammaries. Despite being propped up on the turnbuckles for some more abuse, Diana comes back yet again and the ultimate outcome of this mighty battle remains up for grabs until a final sleeper hold settles the matter once and for all.


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