Match 1 – The Sisterhood of Superheroines return in this full-length, action-packed adventure filled with flying fists, special effects, topless bondage, and, of course, five of the most beautiful, bodacious babes ever to don spandex, capes, masks and boots! Our story begins with the replaying of footage from SNOW FALL (DT-877) featuring the defeat of Snow Queen (Christina Carter) at the hands of the Heroine Stalker. Snow Queen’s twin sister Bonfire (also played by Christina Carter) vows to rescue her sibling, and Sisterhood heroines Skylark (Paris Kennedy), Royale (Goldie Blair) may have found the instrument in which to do so: a broken crucifix taken from the Stalker’s lackey. Bonfire concludes that this has all been a sinister plot concocted by a malevolent mystic called Mother Superior (Shannan Leigh), and they will need some special help to beat that crazy killer nun. As Skylark and Royale remain on monitor duty, Bonfire performs a séance to bring the supposedly deceased sorceress Hocus Pocus (Anastasia Pierce) back from the dead. Conjuring up some magical weapons, Hocus Pocus and Bonfire set out after Mother Superior in the Convent of Eternal Night. Unfortunately, the flame-wielding Bonfire’s own arrogance may prove the undoing of both her and Hocus Pocus. Switching from her habit to dominatrix gear, Mother Superior uses both brute strength and mystic forces to overwhelm the siren of sorcery and the blazing beauty. Meanwhile, Royale locates Snow Queen in a secret hideout tied to a railing with energy beams blasting at her crotch. Using her electrical powers to destroy the blasting device, Royale saves Snow Queen—only to have the ice maiden attack her. Royale is bombarded with punches and kicks as the frosty femme pounds the lightning lass into oblivion. Later, Skylark arrives to find Royale bound and gagged on a bed with a freeze ray apparatus bombarding her. Whipping up her wind powers to gale force, Skylark neutralizes the freezer unit and starts walking Royale to safety. However, when Skylark opens a door to find yet another Royale tied to yet another bed—the full nature of Mother Superior’s master plan becomes all too clear. The nefarious nun has called forth her ultimate weapon, the mysterious shape-shifter known as The Mime— and the Mime is unbeatable! Written and directed by comics legend and Sisterhood creator George Pérez!


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