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Match 1 – The battle weathered, but beautiful Christina Carter already has the DT women’s championship belt. However, that doesn’t stop her from challenging the bulbous Puma in an attempt to unify both the male and female titles under one woman. The trash talk is intense, but not as intense as the back and forth violence of the fight. Puma utilizes his hairy man-power to bear-hug the life out of Christina. Luckily the cunning skill of Christina keeps her in the fight, making this a very even match. Will Christina’s speed be too much for the oafish Puma, or will the balance of power remain? There’s only one way to find out, buy this match now!

Match 2Monster in his black cloak and ugly face awaits Super Girl (JC Marie), he paces in anticipation of his destruction of this gorgeous super heroine – suddenly a lasso has him, it’s Super Girl and she proceeds to beat this bad boy to a pulp – but no – our monster turns the tables and revenge is all he seeks. Few super heroines have ever looked so beautiful as JC in her short skirt and high laced boots, her curves are tailor made for this showy costume and it only seems to make our monster hate her more as he yanks off her cape then proceed to attack every part of her perfect body – even to the point of pulling down her top and torturing her supple mounds of female flesh. Across the ropes, upside down on the ropes – he batters her from all directions. He is truly a monster, a monster who enjoys his work, a monster of destruction – poor JC, how much can that beautiful body endure?

Match 3 -Are you in the mood for a mixed match? How about a mixed match featuring two beautiful young girls versus the muscular martial artist Leonard? In this match, Cali Logan and Ashley Grace team up to take down the very well trained Leonard in a “Best-out-of-ten-falls match.” The odds seem to be stacked way up against the girls in this one. Leonard manhandles his opponents with ease. He lifts the girls high up into the air and drops them hard against the mat. Leonard pins each girl with a smile of satisfaction. To see whether or not Cali and Ashley are any match for the powerful Leonard you’ll just have to purchase this very fun match.


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