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Match 1 – This topless match features two of D.T.’s most gorgeous fighters: the blonde haired J.C. Marie and the dark skinned Monica. Watch as their incredible bodies clash in the center of the ring. While the girls inflict painful hold after hold on each other they never cease the trash talking. J.C. enjoys herself as she smothers Monica with her large breasts, then flips Monica over to spank that smooth booty. Have no doubt that Monica gets back at J.C. There is scissoring galore in this mean match of malicious maidens. Hot girls putting a hurting on each other… sounds like a great video.

Match 2 – This is one hot match! Ashley and Cali are: young, fit, pretty, and ready to do some butt whoopin’. Ashley starts the match topless because she plans on taking Cali’s top for her own use. Cali is not so keen on the idea of giving up her top, and even though Ashley is quite a bit taller than the petite Cali, Cali fights back ferociously. The girls struggle back and forth with cruel and painful stretches and merciless beatings. The winner gets a much earned bikini top, and leaves the loser’s beautiful breasts bare to the lucky viewer of this fight.

Match 3 -Fireworks are sure to go off in this classic bout of experience versus youth. The beautiful veteran Hollywood has gotten a call from one of her friends saying that the new hotshot Alyssa has been beating up and bullying some other girls. Hollywood takes it upon herself to teach Alyssa a lesson by beating the crap out of her. Alyssa is beaten like a rag doll for the first half of the match. She is manhandled and talked down to, with only bratty schoolgirl whining as her retorts. However, midway through the fight the tables turn and Alyssa starts beating Hollywood’s shapely ass. Who will win this classic match-up? There is only one way to find out. If you enjoyed Francesca’s meetings with this cute, mouthy school girl then you will love seeing hollywood get her turn.


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