Match 1 – You want bear-hugs we got bear-hugs! Shayla and Goldie smash their large, fleshy breasts together as they struggle to squeeze the life out of each other in various bear-hug positions. If bear-hugs aren’t enough they also back each other into the wall for some hard slugs to the gut – still not satisfied they take their tops off and go after each others breasts but they always end up with their breasts squished together in bear-hugs positions of torture.

Match 2JC Marie has been winning all the bikini contests and she has a new sling shot bikini she can’t wait to try out, as she goes to put it on Diana sneaks in and calls Kristie Etzold, she proceeds to tell her Kristie how JC has been cheating in the contests and they should steal her winnings and beat her up. JC now in her topless bikini is attacked by Diana, her shapely vulnerable breasts become targets and soon Kristie joins the destruction. Lots of lifts and carries become part of the torture but JC comes back, this only makes our two beat-ups even madder – to the point of tying and gaging her in the end – JC’s body tied and stretched is worth it all.

Match 3Francesca and Alyssa went at it in 888-01, teacher vs. student – well they decide to do it again and it’s even better than the fist one. Yes Alyssa is dressed in her cute school girl garb and teacher is in a sexy bikini. Lots of great face sits as these beautiful brown behinds are used to smother and plenty of trash talking as they smack each other around. Also one of the best angles ever of a head being squeezed between two powerful thighs as Alyssa does a long painful reverse squeeze on poor Francesca. The loser is forced into a series of humiliating gestures as punishment for her lose. For good reason this is becoming a popular series.


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