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Match 1 – Our angel (Lola) has been out for a run, upon returning she finds and an evil intruder (Kristie), this villian has also stolen her power ring. Without her ring she is easy prey for the evil one – the destruction begins. A battering rains down on our poor angel, her breasts are soon a main target of pain as this evil one destroys her both in and out of the ring. But wait a miracle, our angel gets her ring back and suddenly she is garbed in her power costume – the attack is on. But evil isn’t done, no not by a long shot as this epic of destruction continues till one of them is totally destroyed – every last bit of her!!!

Match 2 -he Masked Mauler (Frankie – very sexy in her skin tight suit) goes after U.S.A. Girl (Hollywood) – we all know these two can wrestle and they are here to show off their skills. Holds and carries display their talents as they grapple for control but our Masked Mauler is truly out for blood and little by little she starts to have her way and a vicious way it is. Hollywood’s top is ripped off and this is the beginning of the end – slugs so had and continuous our sleek beauty spits up blood. The Mauler tastes the blood and only wants more – more blood, more destruction. Annihilation is all that will satisfy this evil creature. So long and so tortuous – how can anyone endure this!!

Match 3 -The Butcher (Kristie), is waiting for the caped Superheroine (Goldie), finally she arrives and upon entering the ring she encounters the Butcher’s wrath. That’s right, the Butcher starts the destruction before she even enters, choking her with the ropes then she comes out of the ring to further the destruction as she batters her head into the metal ring post till she bleeds. Into the ring she now throws her and extends the carnage, an excruciating back breaker and choke has our caped crusader in big trouble. It gets worse, her top is ripped down revealing her colossal mounds of vulnerable flesh, like beacons they call to the Butcher asking for slaughter, and slaughter she gives them along with her entire body. A Butcher who truly enjoys her work, enjoys seeing blood flow and bones crack!!!


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