Match 1 – The adorable Melissa Jacobs looks very sexy in her see-through top, grey pleated skirt, and panty hose. However, the bigger and stronger Diana Knight is obsessed with getting that cute grey skirt off of Melissa by any means necessary. This means repeated blows to the stomach and face leaving Melissa crawling on all fours to reclaim her skirt, and clothe her glorious butt. The sadistic Diana takes great pleasure in humiliating and beating the otherwise perky Melissa. What could the sweet Melissa have done to warrant such a barrage of blows? Is Diana jealous of Melissa, or simply evil? If your looking for a domination match between two gorgeous women over a grey pleated skirt, then this is your ticket!

Match 2 – Two of the youngest in the DT ranks battle it out in this classic catfight. The topless hotties with great bodies gut punch each other with a fervor that only comes with a nubile’s youth. These girls are tough and neither one will accept defeat until the other one beats it out of her. The frantic struggling of the petite Melissa Jacobs and Miko Sinz is more than fun to watch, it’s entrancing. A couple of young, pretty girls with their tops off, punching each other in the stomach, what more could a D.T. fan ask for? This is truly a must see fight.

Match 3 -YOU WANT HITTING – YOU CAN’T HANDLE HITTING! This is one of the most gut-slamming matches we have ever had. It starts outside the ring when Kristie Etzold questions Goldie Blair’s gut strength – Goldie answers with a blow to Kristie’s belly. This sends us on a journey of GUT BOMBS, and I don’t mean White Castle hamburgers. Soon we are in the ring and the blows get even more intense – these ladies don’t hold back, both are determined to show who has the strongest gut, standing and on the mat they rain down belly shattering blows and for good measure they add some great stomps and claws to the already battered bellies. This is a real classic – neither woman wants to give in — if you like gut slugs then this one is a must have!!!


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