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Match 1Charlie vs Akira – two of the best showing off their stuff, and great, sexy stuff it is. A lock-up , they break and soon are back in it, only this time it’s a test of wills – who can bend the other to the breaking point. Soon these beauties are on the canvas employing painful bow and arrows, camel clutches and many more – this continues till Akira smashes Charlie in the face then proceeds to take her top off and chokes her with it. Soon they are both slugging gut and face. Neither of these luscious bodied grapples will give in making this another great match with two of DT’s favorites.

Match 2 – You want sexy – these two can’t be anything but sexy. The very popular Emily takes on the slinky Candle and right from the beginning test of strength they show how sexy they are, they can’t help but move sexy – yes these ladies are writhers, constantly they slither over each other. Instantly Emily goes for Candles breasts and once free she attacks them and soon Candle returns the favor as she sinks her nails into Emily’s beautiful supple mounds. Even their moans and groans sound like sex and these sounds are constant as they attack each others crotches and breasts. Face sits, chokes, and so much more as two of the sexiest writhers make it oh so HOT!!

Match 3 -How can we put a cherrie on top of 908 – how do we make it one of the great DVDs? We put tow of our most requested ladies in the final match – yes you have wanted to see the spunky Cali take on the body that is Tanya and her it is. With these two together nothing more really needs to be said but after just watching this one I can’t help but sing their praise. Wrestling boots add a sexy touch to their sleek legs, and they work so well when Tanya puts on one of the best chokes ever as she straddles the ropes, throws her leg up into Cali’s throat and stretches her backwards – a thing of beauty. Cali returns the favor by picking Tanya up, spinning her, then splatters her on the canvas where she proceeds to stomp on her breasts. Their talk is almost as good as their action. These are two of the most popular ever and for good reason as you will soon see.


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