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Time/Size: 15 min/330 MB

The gorgeous Emily is being interviewed, she says how she is going to
beat up some DT women. Carolyn hears this and after a heated
conversation challenges her to a match. Once in the ring they both
take off their short skirts and high heels but leave on their black
nylons and bras. They decide on a multi fall match and are soon at it
with a test of strength. The hot blond is soon getting the worst of
the battle and ends up on the wrong end of a tortuous grapevine – the
voluptuous Emily has prevailed and the first round is hers. As the
second round starts Carolyn surprises her foe with a low blow, then a
sustained rope choke and kicks to the face have the poor beauty down
for the count. The next round starts with both beauties trading blows
in the center of the ring — then one takes over and the carnage
ensues – battered and bloody one is choked into humiliation!


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