Match 1Alyssa Reese and Miko Sinz are two little hot bodied honeys. They are old friends and it really shows in the ring. They trash talk each other throughout almost the entire match. It is really exhilarating to see the little natural titties on each girl bounce up and down with each kick, punch, and choke. Alyssa and Miko are young beauties who fight hard and love doing so. These two overgrown schoolgirls will stop at nothing to beat their opponent and friend. The playful yet competitive nature of this video is extremely arousing. Make sure not to miss this DT match, as it features two of DT’s most adorable fighters.

Match 2 -Oh do we love Emily Addison, she starts out topless which is an added delight and she is taking on the super strong Max Makita. They begin with a test of strength which makes Max laugh because she feels Emily has no strength but I must say it is a very long struggle, of course Max wins and I’m not sure if Max wasn’t prolonging it just for the sport of it. The Asian beauty lords her powerful arms over the sexy Emily and decides to show her just how much stronger her arms are as she puts poor Em in lots of holds that show off her arm power; she grabs her by the arms and forces her over backwards pinning her down, she holds Emily’s arms together by the wrists as she stretches them out and tortures her with the other arm and my favorite is when she kneels down behind her crosses her arms, then stretches her to her limit of pain. Watching Max flex her powerful biceps as she handles Emily like a rag doll is so much fun – Emily in defeat is gorgeous, and her beautiful body stretched out is a wondrous thing to behold!!!!

Match 3 -Two of the best; Akira Lane and Francesca Le, they are two of the best because they know what they are doing and they look fabulous doing it. They start out topless going right into a test of strength that becomes a long bear hug and oh do these two brown bodies look good in a bear hug, they throw their heads back and smash those beautiful breasts into each other, it’s a long hug that tests their endurance – they both like it so much they go back to it through out the match. Fran takes control, a camel clutch and a waist scissors take their toll on our appealing Asian but she knows how sensitive Fran’s nipples are so she tweaks them hard and is free. Now it’s her turn to destroy and after she gut slugs Fran to the corner she kicks her in that most female of regions, she now takes control. It’s back and forth but then one of these beauties starts to dominate and the last half is all destruction, with back breakers, Boston crabs and figure four head scissors and of course more bear hugs. So much destruction that even when its over the winner comes back and savagely bites both breasts of the loser and these are some of the most savage bites we’ve seen, real cannibal munching!!!!


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