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Match 1 -The super hot Charlie Lane is pitted against the always beautiful Akira. This is a special match because Akira is dressed in a black Spidey outfit. These two talkative ladies get it started with a lengthy test of strength that leads to a bearhug/staring competition. To find out who has the stronger booty the fighters get on all fours and pound it out with a butt-to-butt smashing contest. Akira’s black outfit really brings out all the wonderful contours of her body, but nothing compares to the face-sitting smother that Charlie puts on Akira. You’ve gotta’ see the caramel skinned Charlie take on the hard bodied Akira in this incredible battle of butts.

Match 2 – This match features two fully dressed cuties, Alyssa and Cali. These young hotties each have blue jeans, tank tops, and tennis shoes on. The low cut jeans make for great views of the girl’s wonderful butt cracks. The cruel Alyssa even pulls that adorable Cali’s pants lower, to maker her coin slot even more visible. The loser of this super sexy match gets put over the winner’s knees, and spanked on her bare ass, and let me tell you… it is a marvelous ass. You will not be disappointed with this video.

Match 3 -This match is between two D.T. veterans. The tough brit Goldie and the athletic Tanya battle it out in matching white one pieces. These two girls are dead set on putting the other through as much pain as possible. There are stomach and crotch hits galore in this brutally violent battle of wills. Some very pretty wedgies serve as the icing on the cake. These girls are both good fighters, and its easy to tell by how evenly matched they. It is truly a pleasure to watch the huge juggs on Tanya and Goldie bounce to and fro as the girls lose themselves in their rage. So if you are looking for some awesome crotch shots being thrown by some true D.T. royalty, then this is a can’t miss match.


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