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Match 1 -What do you get when you mix a spunky young blond with a spunky young brunette – you get fun! That’s exactly what we have with Danielle Trixie and Miko, two youngsters that love their cat fighting. Just watching Danielle’s exuberance is so much fun, she literally bounds around the ring, causing her voluptuous breasts to also bound up and down in excess. Miko’s firm, taut figure also leaps into the fray with child like joy as she employs all her cat fight tactics, breast destruction with scissors galore and a multitude of fun holds. But Danielle has some fun moves of her own including a great figure four around Miko’s neck. Watch as that milky white body rolls with the golden tanned skin – two young bodies entwined in one – makes for one great match!

Match 2 – Blonde bombshell Tanya Danielle and Bombastic brunette Crystal White have been blessed with some of the tightest bodies in wrestling, not to mention two sets of the most bountiful breasts to ever provide feast for the eyes, making these two a smoking hot pair for a DT match. The girls seem frantic in their movement, and talk constantly throughout the match. Breast grabbing and choking abound in this epic catfight. Although these girls seem like friends they are anything but friendly to each other in this match. They tease and torment each other amidst a barrage of school-girl pins and leg scissors. This is a fast-paced encounter spotlights two top-heavy, topless beauties who know how to mix play with combat and pleasure with pain.

Match 3Cali Logan’s ex-boyfriend used to be her manager, so one can only imagine what she’s feeling when she learns that he is now managing a new girl, Nicole Oring. There are some bitter feelings, to say the least, so a match is set up between Cali and Nicole to see who the better fighter really is. Cali puts on her pantyhose and heels before picking up her championship belt and heading to the fight. Nicole and Cali start the fight in only black skirts, pantyhose and bras. However, in the midst of so many punches and kicks, the skirts are shed and the girls fight in pantyhose for the rest of the fight. Cali facesits her opponent as she rips Nicole’s pantyhose to shreds. This is a grudge match for the ages as these hellions tear into each other until one hapless hussy is left topless, bloodied, beaten, and humiliated.


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