Match 1 -The beautiful JC Marie takes on the tough-as–nails Goldie in this classic DT beatdown. Both girls wear sexy, tiny dresses over their bikinis, but those dresses only cover up their assets for a quick second. There is quite a bit of breast smothering in this awesomely sexy match. Both these girls have more than enough breasts to smother an entire village, let alone their opponent. If that isn’t enough breathtaking action, multiple saliva soaked hand smothers are added to the cruelty. Watching these girls slowly depriving each other of oxygen is sensual and erotic, and ends with one of them passed out. The loser is then hand cuffed to a corner and repeatedly smothered until she passes out for good in this uber-erotic encounter.

Match 2 – This tantalizing match-up features the gorgeous veteran Tanya Danielle against the beautiful newcomer Emily Addison, both girls attired only in thongs. They begin their contest facing each other on their knees. A test of strength ensues and the stronger Tanya easily dominates her foe. Emily’s beautiful face is framed over and over again by Tanya’s legs in multiple scissor holds. Tanya lovess toying with her young opponent, and aims to teach her not only how to wrestle, but how to take pain. After Tanya knocks Emily out a couple times, Emily takes the upper hand and begins to inflict many of the same painful moves on Tanya. What will the outcome be? Will the young upstart really beat a pro, or will the veteran find a way to overcome her young nemesis?

Match 3Christina Carter is sleeping in her lace panties when she seems to start dreaming, suddenly behind her is Diana Knight. To the bed they go as Diana forcibly controls her busty victim. Relentless in her attack, she smothers her bed mate with everything she has, her breasts, her hands, her soft lips even hold back poor Christina’s breath. Kisses that start tender turn into weapons of breathless proportions. Poor Christina never knows what’s going on, she could almost enjoy those large soft breasts sliding over her, but then they collapse on her face and subdue her air – no not again, not more! How much can she take and is this real, wait – who is sleeping in bed with her?


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