Match 1 -Butt cracks and beautiful women. Tanya Danielle and Goldie Blair do a lot of trash talking before they even begin, Tanya bends over exposing her ass to Goldie who can’t take any more and gives the buxom blond a good kick in the derriere. Goldie continues to destroy as she applies a tortuous waist scissor then slides up into a school girl pin, Tanya throws her legs up to counter but is trapped in a match book pin where Goldie can punish her backside. Tanya’s tight fitting jeans are getting a real work out as Goldie picks her up by just grabbing the back of her jeans – it’s all tush torture now, wedgies, contorted positions, pounding, grabbing and ending with a rump spanking where Goldie takes Tanya’s jeans down and puts her over her knee. Lots of fun holds because nobody likes to dominate more than the full breasted Goldie. Both of their fanny cheeks get delightfully exposed in this fun romp of beautiful bum busting!

Match 2Melissa Jacobs and Diana Knight are doing it the old fashioned way – hard slugs and slaps that sound like they came right out of an old western. Melissa gets caught sneaking around Diana’s place and takes her first beat down, but she won’t reveal anything so Diana hangs her on a hook from the celling. Battered and topless our damsel in distress gets another drubbing, slugs and slaps and then her short skirt is hiked over her supple rear and she is caned – so hard, so many, she passes out. Diana drops her to the floor, takes off her skirt and again demands answers but the spunky Melissa refuses and is again battered, from floor to couch and back down – how much can she take and will she ever reveal her secrets. The beautiful brunette loves to dish out the punishment and our cute little damsel can really take it!

Match 3Francesca Le is taking on one of the web women, this one sounds a lot like Tasha Welch. Nose to nose they talk their trash then decide on a test of strength. These are two of the best so everything they do is to the limit, long painful and full of bravado. Next we move to the blue wall for some hammering slugs and as the victim slides to the floor she is met with a withering waist scissor and eventually the big daddy – a long bear hug. This is just the beginning as the tables do turn and both of these beauties are battered, squeezed and hugged from all directions. Watching two of the best is always fun but their’s something about these outfits and this blue room that make this one extra special. The best of punishing bear hugs and so much more – even ends with a fabulous breast smother. Two of the best show how it’s supposed to be done!


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