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Match 1 -You want a lot of beautiful girls slugging it out with a great story – here it is! The sexy Tylene Buck, clad in her skimpy office outfit and backed up by her two gorgeous gang members, J.C. Marie and Samantha Ryan invite Francesca Le into the office, then confront her with being an undercover cop. This is followed by a through beating from the gang, they hold her down in the chair and take turns battering her whole body. Suddenly Melissa Jacobs rushes in to inform Tylene that her opponent for the upcoming fight has backed out – Tylene decides she will use Francesca as her opponent. Next we find poor Francesca in the ring for the bare knuckles fight, bad enough she is still woozy from her beating, the ref, Melissa serves her some tainted water. Blond, sexy and very mean Tylene goes after her helpless victim with a tremendous beat-down, gut and head are battered as she and her henchwomen laugh. Just about at her end Francesca starts to get wise and mounts a comeback, time for Tylene and J.C. to leave Francesca to the mercy of the other two, but they are facing an angry determined bronze tornado. To the mat the three go — does Francesca have any chance against these two and if she does get through them she still has to go after both J.C. and Tylene – it’s just too much for any mortal — but we aren’t talking about any mortal, this is Francesca and a very angry Francesca is truly something to fear!!!

Match 2 – Two of our most popular buxom beauties in a match that has everything, J.C. Marie and Goldie Blair are here for a photo shoot, wearing two of the most beautiful outfits we have ever seen – sexy snow bunnies with fur, leggings and hats. We watch as their bodies are displayed in these fabulous costumes, when finished they meet in the changing room – no love lost between these two, soon they are in a heated argument that turns into a challenge and it’s to the ring we go. Boxing starts the battle, and a battle it is as these beauties smash faces and guts. Then they decide to strip down to just bottoms and wrestle – wow these two magnum breasted ladies look so hot rolling over each other. The mammaries get smashed with hands and legs, they squeeze each other hard as this turns into a long devastating battle ending with one girl tying up the other in the corner and giving her body a work over. Two of the hottest in the business put on one hell of a show!!!

Match 3 -Good to have Paris Kennedy back, here to welcome her is Tylene Buck – seems Paris hasn’t treated Tylene’s boyfriend right and Tylene is ready to set that straight. They meet with tight jeans and bikini tops on and a rollicking cat fight ensues, lots of jaw cracking punches, chokes, and kicks. Both girls do a lot of trash talking but one ends up on top and seems to destroy the other, but the demolished one is still laughing. They meet again, this time is short summer dresses – Tylene is angry again about the guy but Paris seems ready this time and soon they are out of their dresses going after each others breasts. Yes it’s sustained attacks on these lovely bosoms, they gouge, twist, bite and slam as each tries to destroy her foes feminine beacons. The pain is just too much, one of these beauties will have to surrender, those tender pert nipples can only take so much!


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