Match 1 -This is a continuation of a long series of great matches, the last two were 940-01 and 940-02, Dia fought Cali and Dia won then Karlie fought Tanya and she won setting up this contest between Dia Zerva and Karlie Montana. Karlie who calls herself the princess is sitting on a chair in the ring waiting, Dia arrives in her little black dress and championship belt, she sits and tell how all have spoiled this little bitch beside her. Karlie says how she will destroy Dia with her most powerful legs, Dia laughs and stretches out her muscular gams saying she will prevail. Soon they have stripped down to just their nylons and bikinis – we are off to another brutal battle, those nyloned silky legs are dominant with neck and body scissors but also lots of kicks and some wild holds. First to get three pins wins so we have a ways to go, back and forth but there can be only one winner and she is there to destroy – not happy till her victim is bloody and submissive!

Match 2Celeste Star and Paris Kennedy are in the midst of a good fight when Hollywood rudely intrudes telling them they know nothing, then proceeds to show them how it’s done. By surprise she dismantles them, Cali Logan comes by and finds her beaten friends, furious she helps them hatch a plan for revenge. Three on one, should be a piece of cake but this is the great Hollywood – so it becomes a real battle. It’s torture for all, wild two on one, then three on one beat downs. The statuesque brown haired beauty takes each one down separately, but three on one, can she handle this or will she be the recipient of true destruction? It’s all good when four beautiful women are bent on entertaining destruction!

Match 3 -Those school girls are back! Short skirts, long lean legs and nice round buttocks – that’s what we get with these outfits, and when they are on Emily Addison and Alyssa Reese, well that’s about as good as it gets. Emily wants to beat up Alyssa for her teacher, Francesca, who is on her way. But beating up the beautiful bully is no easy task, no one enjoys the beat up more than Alyssa, and she is willing, hell eager, to take punishment till she can give it back – oh and when she gives it back watch out! Emily gets the upper hand with a fabulous knelling neck scissors, both those well formed butts in the air. Destruction goes back and forth till the wild one takes control and begins her glorious slaughter. Francesca is there for the rescue, but Alyssa is in stride and not about to be slowed, this teacher is just new red meat. Alyssa shares the carnage, each girl gets destroyed, then in her most sadistic nature she has them turn one each other. Three of the hottest putting on a great show, two school girls and their teacher – WOW is this one fun!


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