Match 1Tanya Danielle and Alyssa are both in great shape and can talk up a storm. Watching their tight bodies grind and jerk on top of each other is an amazing sight. Tanya’s giant breasts battle hard against Alyssa’s ample ass, but they are both evenly matched. As the balance of power sways so does the shit talking. These girls do everything possible to induce pain, they choke, smother, punch, maul, and stretch the hell out of each other. This extra loud match between a big butted brunette and a big breasted blonde is exactly why Double Trouble is the greatest female wrestling company in the world.

Match 2Nicole Oring and Charlie Laine are gorgeous and deadly. They talk loud and moan even louder. These girls really seem to hate each other. They deal out mountains of crotch blows, taking turns on each other. These two hotties seem to have endless amounts of energy. There is hardly a moment of rest in this entire match. Even the many scissor holds are ferocious and include lots of intermitten body blows. No matter who wins, both girls gave it everything they had, as their heaving chests and sweat covered brows prove. To see these cuties go at it bare breasted and sweaty, just purchase this video. Oh, what fun it is to watch as they hurt each other for your pleasure!

Match 3Cali Logan and Prinzzess are supposed to be partners in a tag team match, but as soon as they get into the ring Prinzzess turns on Cali and starts destroying her. There is some extreme breast mauling before Cali catches Prinzzess off guard and takes the momentum with a powerful hangman hold. This match goes back and forth like this for a while with some fun and interesting holds. However, the winner eventually ties up the loser and destroys her with high heels. This is crotch torture to the extreme and, boy, are you going to love every second of it. So sit back, relax, and savor this tasty morsel of hot babes hurting each other.


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