Match 1 -We’re home — drop those mats on the floor and let it all out, that’s what Tylene Buck and Melissa Jacobs do and we are privy to this great match as these two sleek bodies collide. A lock-up ends up on the couch and into a choke then hard to the mat, a kick to the ribs and we are off. Yes it seems the mats push these girls to work a bit harder, harder kicks and slugs and slams to the mat. But still we have a great hair pulling marathon and soon after that they pull off each others tops – getting wild now girls: chokes, stomps, and of course savage bites. More than beauty, these are two of the most entertaining because they are two of the best – so just sit back and enjoy total fun.

Match 2Emily Addison loves her breasts, and why not they are perfect, perfect for smothering poor Melissa Jacobs. That’s what this one is all about, how to extricate the air from hard-bodied Melissa. Breasts together, each one separately, every way possible she uses her lush fleshy pillows to keep the air from Melissa. She also has two other lush assets to be used, her butt cheeks, oh yes that sadistic face-sit is employed often to smother our helpless maiden. Crotch destruction, chokes, wedgies and scissors are also used for but always we are back to the smother for true annihilation. Svelte Melissa squirms and writhes for air but none is found, she is forced to humiliate herself, anything to get her air flow back, anything to stop the devastation!

Match 3 -Oh that Paris Kennedy can be one sadistic lady, as Celeste Star is about to find out – Cali Logan has been cheating on Paris with Celeste and now it’s revenge time and no one enjoys revenge more than Paris. This is not normal revenge, this is total crotch destruction! Paris surprises beaming Celeste with a kick to the middle, and informs cute Cali that the only way back in her good graces is to help with the carnage. They use their hands, feet and teeth to massacre her middle and while Cali destroys Celeste, Paris attacks her feminine area just to keep her going, oh these three way combinations are so tantalizing and even sprinkled with sexual kisses. Even when poor Celeste is demolished, sadistic Paris in her leather dominatrix outfit has more surprises in store — destruction to the very end!!


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