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Match 1Cali Logan and Dia Zerva face off in this, the most recent installment in a series of matches numbered 940-01, 940-02, and 951-01. Dia Zerva beat Cali Logan and Karlie Montana to win the championship belt. Since then Dia has been partying and talking crap about Cali. So the stage is set for one last battle to confirm whether or not Dia really is the greatest in DT wrestling. The tension is palpable, the words are cutting, and the glares shoot daggers in this intense fight. The girls fight each other in bras and panty hose, which makes the figure fours and schoolgirl pins look awesome. This is a very violent and cruel match, with lots of attitude, brutal blows and even some blood.

Match 2 – Give me my sexy clothes back! Cali Logan the clothing store owner has come over to Emily Addison’s house where she plans on getting everything back, Emily hasn’t paid her. We see both pair of sexy high-heeled legs exit their cars, Emily is now inside and Cali bursts in demanding her wares. Emily in her super sexy short dress and gartered black nylons attacks Cali in her sexy business suit – the hair is almost ripped out as these two she cats fight for pride and possessions, oh and those sexy garter belts and high heels are fabulous – heels that are used as weapons, on the chest, the neck and in the crotch those sharp points are plunged. Up against the wall each is slugged hard in the gut, one almost escapes but is literaly dragged back into the fight. Women fighting for clothes, not much will make them fight harder – one sexy fight, nylons and heels stay one but the bad blood comes out. Two of the sexiest young beauties doing their thing and doing it better than anyone!

Match 3Cali Logan is the hottest little spark plug that Double Trouble has ever had. This match is definitive proof of that. Watch as the legendary Hollywood takes on our cute little hot shot in a best of three submissions match. It is an even fight featuring great pro-style holds and vicious blows. Hollywood is super sexy grapevining Cali’s tight young body, and Cali looks sexy doing just about anything. Who will be victorious, the incredible newbie or the hard bodied veteran? So sit back and enjoy these two stunning women fighting with all their might.


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