Match 1 -Boy have we been waiting for this one – Francesca Le vs. Nicole Oring, two of the wildest beauties ever and they are out to see who’s the toughest. A lock up with hard gut slugs start us off then the raven haired Asian gets her Latin counter part on the mat and slams her with a savage leg drop and many super hard fists to the gut. This is only the beginning as Francesca will always come back and soon has her beautiful foe in a crushing match book. All or nothing, that’s the holds we get – not just a camel clutch but one that tortures the now exposed breasts. And of course no area is off limits to these warriors, a sustained savage foot in the crotch as the legs are pulled to add force to the tender region. These are definitely two hell cats that know no other way than all out – all the slugs are hard and all the holds are with extreme prejudice – the Asian and the Latino going all out – two of the wildest beauties putting on one hell of a show!!

Match 2 – So why is Capri Cavanni so popular, well you’re about to find out as she takes on the legend, Tylene Buck in this romp around the house that shows the best of both of these wild women. They start out talking shit and it never stops, Tylene rushes her foe and throws her on the couch then they roll to the floor where the veteran blond puts the youngster in a super compressed match book but Capri turns this into a tight leg scissors and shows she is up for the challenge. Two rock hard bodies, Capri has no fat and is strong for her size – what a body and we all know what a figure Tylene has — so these are two heavenly bodies that were destined to collide, the this collision is our treat. Tylene even picks up and carries the smaller lass around the room but this doesn’t deter the petit warrior, she puts on her own chokes, scissors and wedgies as she gives as good as she gets. A very popular newbie vs a very popular veteran – it’s a match made in heaven – you will love it!!

Match 3 -Both pulling nipples, each stretching those beautiful breasts to their breaking point and oh the breasts they have, Emily Addison has some of the best carved chest flesh ever and Karen Fisher has some of the largest and with those pert right out of the fridge nipples. Yes these two pound guts and put on holds but always back to those healthy seductive mammaries. They start with a test of strength, a bow and arrow, a body scissors, a face sit, bear hug then the tops come off and it’s time to go after those luscious tits. Oh and when Karen does a breast smother, it’s a real smother because her breasts cover the whole head and with a little head action they can slap hell out of poor Emily. A great fight by two well endowed warriors that give their all and that’s a lot!!!


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