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Match 1Cali Logan and Celeste Star are squaring off in a classic DT cat fight. These girls are both young, beautiful, and blessed with supple bodies. Celeste’s limber frame bends in the sexiest way as Cali sinks in an unrelenting camel clutch, and talks shit the whole time. These feisty brawlers aren’t afraid of anything, and that includes letting their gorgeous tits show for all the world to see. Enjoy the beautiful bear hugging and rag dolling that makes Cali’s big natural tits jiggle in the most incredible way. This match is pure art, you will savor every moment of it.

Match 2Capri Cavalli is pretty new to the DT universe so the top dog, Goldie Blair has decided to give her a very special DT welcome… a vicious ass whooping! This match has all of the classic Goldie content: lots of shit talk, hard fighting, and dirty moves. Will the young and extra petite Capri be able to withstand the buxom powerhouse that is Goldie? Odds are not in Capri’s favor, but who cares, watching Goldie knock the snot out of a gorgeous little hottie like Capri is super fun to watch anyways. So get your popcorn and a comfortable seat, because your gonna’ be glued to the edge of your seat from start to finish with this awesomely hot wrestling match.

Match 3Celeste Star is training Keira Kelly how to execute some impressive wrestling holds. However, Celeste’s kindness falls on the deaf ears Keira. Keira waits till Celeste is completely vulnerable, and then she attacks. Celeste is horrified and angered that Keira would take advantage of her helpfulness. Expect some crushing figure four leg locks and brutal abdominal stretches. These topless and petite young ladies are dead set on inflicting massive amounts of pain upon each other. I can pretty much garuantee that you will get a rise out of this super sexy match.


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