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Match 1Miko Sinz is the good super hero, Cali Logan is the bad super hero, but both of them are smoking hot young women. Miko wears a red, blue, and gold, caped outfit that shows quite a bit of her tight Asian ass. Cali wears all black, knee high leather boots and a one piece that gets stuck way up in her butt, showing off tons of cheek. These young legs and butts are definitely the main feature of this battle of superpowers. Watching their legs and butts contort as they implement school girl pins, figure four head scissors, grape vines, and body scissors is an almost transcendent experience. These gorgeous young girls wouldn’t dare disappoint you!

Match 2Stacy Burke and Kristy Etzold are facing off in this epic battle that will definitely be placed in the hallowed halls of DT battles. Stacy is a cute and spunky little do-gooder who is certain that her superpowers and superior morals will lead her to victory. Kristy on the other hand, is an absolute monster. She is pure evil. She drinks blood when she gets tired of eating baby heads. The worst part is her voice, it sounds like she’s been swallowing glass for years. You will cringe in horror as Kristy methodically and gruesomely destroys the goody two-shoes. A crushed and bloody Stacy is stomped, pummeled, and choked all while her big titties flop around helplessly.

Match 3Cali Logan arrives in her full superhero attire, looking to save her friend from the clutches of the evil Ariel X. Cali’s haughty attitude is quickly transformed into fear as the ultra cool Ariel whoops her purple latex ass. All Ariel has to do is lay a kiss on Cali and she becomes putty in her hands. The all-American Cali squirms and squeals helplessly as her powerful opponent lays a long sensual kiss on her. Cali’s body slowly goes limp, and now Ariel has her just where she wants her. A torture fest ensues, complete with arm bars, toe breaking, and camel clutches. Ariel slowly disrobes Cali, embarrassing her the entire time. Lots of shit talk, bondage, and foot kissing are also featured as parts of Cali’s punishment. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.


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