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Match 1 -Today we have a chocolate/vanilla swirl for your viewing pleasure. Monica Foster, the Nubian Queen is taking on Tylene Buck, the great white hoe. These two legendary battling beauties are ready to take off the gloves and get down right dirty in this no holds barred catfight. Watch in ecstasy as Monica slams Tylene’s head into the corner post, and prepare yourself for Tylene’s cruel destruction of Monica’s ebony tits. The topless fun that is had in this match is almost unreal. We here at DT sincerely apologize if this quality of catfight ruins your chances of enjoying our competitors sub-par female fighting.

Match 2Paris Kennedy and Jamie Lynn are two fine ass fighters. Not only are these two girls sexy, but they are exemplary brawlers. The perfect tits on them are aesthetic pleasures and structural weakpoints to be exploited by the deadly combat techniques executed in this match. The bare breasts featured here will be mauled, bitten, pinched, and scratched. However, that is not where the pain ends, expect to see belly punches, camel clutches, and wedgies galore. These two vicious bitches fight like there is no tomorrow, but I promise you that only one of them can win. So if you want to witness the stunning KO that ends this match you will have to purchase it right now.

Match 3 -This is a battle for the ages. Your grandchildren will probably be watching this match long after you are gone. The young and sexy firecrackers Celeste Star and Cali Logan are going head to head in this incredible catfight. Celeste has heard that Cali was talking shit about how “she can’t fight.” An infuriated Celeste storms into the ring and calls Cali out. The niceties and the tops are shed rather quickly. Watching the soft skin of these young girls being squeezed, rubbed, and beaten will surely bring a tear to your eye. You will undoubtedly watch in sheer joy as crotch mauling, leg chokes, and some rather intricate holds are executed upon these gorgeous and youthful bodies.


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