Match 1Randy Moore and Capri Cavanni have two ultra sexy bodies, and they love to show them off. This match begins with both girls stretching their curvy bodies. As the bell rings the two vixens go right at each other. Capri sits her beautiful ass on top of Randy’s squirming face, and in return Randy bear-hugs the shit out of Capri. The tits and tiny waists in this video are about as perfect as you will ever see, so when the girls loose their tops this match becomes unforgettable. Watching these toned beauties severely punish their opponents gorgeous body will be one of your greatest moments as a DT patron and perhaps, as a female fighting enthusiast.

Match 2Cali Logan and Emily Addison are two dark haired young women with a taste for blood. Today they are fighting in a multi-round submission match. These intense fighters are looking for more than to win, they want to hurt each other. Emily’s big milky white ass is a wonderful contrast to Cali’s caramel colored natural tits. This match is an incredible flurry of submission holds and shit talking. One of these two DT favorites will completely demolish the other, so make your bets now on which of these lovely ladies will win decisively in yet another incredible DT installment.

Match 3Alyssa Reece and Jamie Lynn are two of DT’s more slight framed girls. They are light and bubbly and very cute. Expect an energetic match of long legs and submission holds. What these ladies lack in strength they surely make up for in speed and willpower. Enjoy perfectly executed head scissors, two-handed chokes, and face sitting. These adorable women are fighting with their hearts and pain thresholds pushed to the very limit. Without a doubt you will love watching Alyssa’s perfect ass fight ferociously against Jamie Lynn’s natural tits. So sit back and relax, because if you like hard fighting (and every DT fan should) then you will be in utter ecstasy watching this match.


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