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Time/Size: 22 min/475 MB

No super heroine could be more sexy than JC Marie in her pink, string, sling shot bikini, white boots and cape. And no villain could be more menacing than the infamous; Afrika, but this super bad girl is no threat as our video opens, she is bound and gaged in a chair while sexy JC struts around gloating at her capture. JC just can’t take it, she has to beat up this big bad girl before they come to pick her up, so she throws the bound one into the corner and proceeds to kick and slug her mercilessly, then chokes and more corner destruction till finally she shakes her bountiful booty in Afrika’s face as she tries to smother her with it. But never, never keep your back to Afrika for too long – yes the big mean one gets free and now comes pay back! You want merciless, that’s exactly what an angry Afrika offers, she totally destroys the blonde beauty: corner destruction, savage wedgies with those tiny strings splitting poor JC in two, bear hugs, and killer carries as she drapes the super one around her shoulders and mangles her beautiful ass with her strong hands. JC soon loses her top and even her boots as the destruction continues and she is by no means done – no, she still has to use the rope she was bound with – yes, our sexy heroine is bound for more destruction but even in destruction no super heroine could be more sexy !!!


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