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Match 1 -We love those sexy outfits – especially when they’re stuffed with sexy girls; JC Marie and Ariel X are wearing these super sexy sling shot type bikinis with string bottoms, the way they fill them out makes for a great opening. Now I would have expected Ariel to destroy the bountiful blonde but to may surprise JC uses a hard gut slug to gain control, Ariel soon gets back in control with a great camel clutch but JC isn’t going out easy and she comes back – it’s this way for quite awhile. Soon JC’s top cannot contain her succulent breasts as they bound out to freedom making that bikini even sexier, and here comes the X factor, Ariel puts on a fabulous Mexican surfboard or ceiling press, JC’s beautiful body is pressed high above the might X – what a beautiful site. Only the over the shoulder back breaker could be more impressive, Ariel bounds around the ring with the blonde draped over her. Many other great tortuous holds are applied, my favorite, the reverse head scissors where JC’s gorgeous face is planted in Ariel’s firm round buttocks, many more pain filled holds have JC pleading for mercy as the X does her thing. Sexy outfits on sexy women doing sexy wrestling – doesn’t get any better!!!!!

Match 2 -Two of the sexiest young beauties around; Randy Moore and Capri Cavanni get in the ring together and sparks fly, of course they do, both these little sex pots want to out do each other. It’s a killer test of strength that starts them out, the muscles in their young backs strain as they go to their knees finally ending in a reverse headlock. Next Randy takes Capri over on her back in a frog-legged position showing how limber the brunette is, now the blonde wants to see how limber she really is, Randy bends her legs the other way in a straight-legged match book and then bounces on her — crotch to crotch she slams. Capri finally gets her chance as she straddles Randy and chokes her with the blonde’s top, now both their breasts are free and used as weapons. Like magnets these two sexy bodies attract each other, always connecting in sexy positions, like when Randy has Capri on her knees, bends her over pulling Capri’s perfect little ass into her breasts then clawing her butt flesh and finally a super wedgie and if this wasn’t enough Capri turns it around and does the same to Randy’s gorgeous behind. These sex magnets attract into so many more of these super sexy positions because these are two of the sexiest beauties around!!!!

Match 3Jamie Lynn and Danielle Trixie are clashing in this classic catfight. These girls are both beautiful and petite. However, they each poses some poses some impressive bust sizes. The girls get right to business and it isn’t long until their tops are off and their titties are jiggling and bouncing all over the ring. Jamie Lynn and Danielle have lots of fun, but never lose sight of their ultimate goal: defeating their opponent. Expect some spanking, and breast and crotch torture. Their smiles are real, just like their opponents screams of agony are. The winner of this fight is not who can inflict the most pain but who can stand that pain the longest.


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