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Match 1Jewel Marceau and Goldie Blair easily have some of the biggest tits in the DT universe. The girls begin this match in sexy business wear, talking shit to each other about whose tits will be squeezed the hardest. There is a lot of lip action in this match, even once the girls have begun manually masticating each other’s giant breasts. The girls fall all over one another while sensually and forcefully squashing their foe’s tits. The panty hose adorned by these ladies get rubbed together until the girls are moaning in both pain and pleasure. If you are in the mood for a great tit fight, you won’t be disappointed with this match.

Match 2Diana Knight and Tylene Buck are rival executives. When they meet the new, young, and cute office assistant, their rivalry and hatred for each other gets an invigorating boost. We get to see each lady flirt with the young man, through his point of view. Eventually, this all comes to a head and the girls begin to tit fight. The execs strip their ultra sexy business attire until they are topless. They then get right to the tit squeezing. Standing up, face to face the women dig their nails into one another’s ample breasts, squealing all the while. Switching to a bear hug, we can see their huge tits pressed out the side of their bodies. This tit fight is especially hot because we get to watch the whole thing from the point of view of the man whom the girls are fighting for.

Match 3Danielle Trixie is a bleach blonde, Paris Kennedy is a fiery red head. Today they are taking part in a tit fight today. They are wearing cute white blouses, black business skirts, panty hose, and high-heeled shoes. Going right for the tits, they each scream and whine in frantic exertion and painful recoils. In addition to breast mauling, the ladies also do quite a bit of hair pulling. Expect to see these beauties rolling around on the floor inducing large amounts of pain. Their long nails disappear into the soft flesh of their warm and supple breasts. It is both a horrifying and tantalizing image, and you can watch that image over and over again in this awesome tit fight.


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