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Match 1 -Who is the one woman you don’t want mad at you, that’s right, Sandy White, and she is furious at Celeste Star – poor little brunette doesn’t even know what she did to deserve this beating, and a beating it is, yes this is one of the worst we have ever seen. Sandy kicks poor petit Celeste all around the room, literally all around the room; kicks to the back, to the ribs, the head, and so painfully to the crotch – these are not wimpy kicks no these are hard savage kicks. If this isn’t bad enough she rips the battered one’s top in half and attacks her tender breasts, clawing and raking till poor Celeste begs for mercy, but that belt doesn’t look very merciful, yes I said belt. Oh and there is more, a knight stick, and what she does with this I don’t even want to go into, suffice it to say – it’s devastating !!!!

Match 2 -Ok the match before this saw one angry bad ass in Sandy White but how about a bad ass that backs it up with some brut force, you want brut force you bring in Afrika. But this time Afrika isn’t fighting a wimp, no this is Tylene Buck and when she wants she can really wrestle; she slams the black beauty with some hard gut slugs in the corner and on the ground, but they only seem to make the strong one angry – and you don’t want Miss Afrika angry, because then she picks you up in a fireman’s carry or puts you in a limb stretching bow and arrow, or a camel clutch. Oh does Afirka enjoy her destruction, especially when she gets to destroy a beautiful blonde but the truth is blondie gets in more blows and holds than most anyone I’ve seen against Afrika, especially that neck scissors, that really had her and when she drove her foot into Afrika’s crotch, well we just don’t usually see that, but in the end destruction belonged to the destroyer – that beautiful black bad ass – AFRIKA !!!!

Match 3 -So 1033 is full of destroyers, fist we had the blonde, Sandy White, then the African queen, Afrika – we need one more great destroyer, so bring on the Asian assassin, non other than the beautiful Max Makita. Max licks her lips as she looks across the ring at this fabulous body that awaits her, she dreams of all the destruction she can rain upon this perfect body – Randy Moore flexes her muscles unconcerned, she doesn’t know who Max is – she soon finds out, the hard way. Max instantly secures a devastating choke, but smiles as she releases it, she wants to play with her new toy for a while before destroying her. Max tosses her blonde doll into the corner, pounds her back, then turns her around to slam her gut, her fist sinks deep into Randy’s firm abs, then she rocks her chest with some fore arm shivers, ending with some jaw cracking, leaving Randy on the mat – this is just the first minute. The attacks just keep on coming; savage corner kicks, arm bars, bear hugs, and those strong legs wrap around Randy’s small waist and almost split her in two – oh and don’t forget those karate chops to the blonde’s vulnerable breasts. Yes, this is a one sided beat down with such variety and savagery that Max Makita is known for. Max definitely fills out this 1033 trio, three of the best bad ass destroyers to ever enter a ring!!!!


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