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Match 1Danielle Trixie is on the phone and so excited she is going to get to train with a pro girl – not so fast, this is some kind of a set up as we find out the next day when the great Sandy White is beating the hell out of her. Sandy has her over her shoulders and finally drops her, the match seems to be over but the underground night club owner is there and makes Sandy an offer she can’t refuse. Yes, poor defeated Danielle is in for a lot more, her bare breasts are shaking wildly as Sandy puts on a neck wrenching camel clutch, then time for a body slam and we are just beginning. Many more body slams, suplexes and pile drives have the little blonde whimpering and begging to stop, she’s had about all the training she can take. But of course the big blonde has just started on the little blonde, many more chokes, slams, hits and stretches. It’s another fabulous Sandy annihilation match and this time it’s that curvy, scrumptious little blond beauty, Danielle Trixie that is getting destroyed!!!!

Match 2 -Best of seven pins only, that’s what Cindy Pucci challenges Capri Cavanni to and of course the super sexy one accepts, hell, she figures they are both about the same size and she is a lot tougher than this girlie blonde. Only this little blonde has some surprises for her foe, when Capri turns Cindy drops her with a low blow and takes charge of the match, soon her breasts are pressed against Capri’s chest as the first of many pins is secured. This isn’t the only time she reaches into her bag of cheats, she bites Capri’s toes and pulls her pony tails hard in a camel clutch. Capri comes back after ripping Cindy’s top off and eventually it evens up as they both use every hold they know; face sits, school girl pins, boob smothers, figure four head scissors, wedgies, test of strengths, knees and slugs to the guts and many pins they kick out of, but eventually those one leg up cross the body pins do their damage and one of these little beauties raises her arms in victory. Two petit sexies, chest to chest with pins of pain and pleasure !!!!

Match 3 -Let’s go to Europe for one wild fun match, Nikky Thorne is becoming very popular and it’s because she is so spunky, just loves wrestling, a small girl with a slim rock hard body but she is so strong, whenever she is in a match she just loves picking up the other girl and carrying her around before dropping her hard on the mat. She does this a lot in this match, especially because the girl she is fighting, Gena, is so very trim, yes she is one sleek sexy Euro youth. These two start off running around a huge wrestling mat, Gena is trying to stay away from Nikky, to no avail as the little tiger gets her prey, then of course lifts her for a bit before struggling to put on some wrestling holds. It’s just so much damn fun watching these two roll around as they get into great holds, they love the grabbing and the touching so much but eventually they secure the holds and when they do it’s all pain as they push them to the limit, camel clutches are pulled all the way up – how do those necks stretch so far, bow and arrows have the bodies bent all the way around, a figure four neck scissor is oh so very tight and when they put on a figure four leg hold it is going to hurt. They run so hard Gena even loses her bottoms, these girls give it their all, they go from pain to pleasure in the blink of an eye, from smile to grimmace and what a joy it is to watch. It’s just so much fun watching these two cutties going at it, you will enjoy yourself almost as much as they do !!!!!


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