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Time/Size: 22 min/458 MB

Ariel X is pissed and demands a match with Emily Addison, she is even willing to put up some of her own money, when Emily hears of this she say bring it on. The two show up at the ring dressed in their fancy skirts, stockings and heels, after posing for some photos they go to their corner to get ready but Ariel does a sneak attack before all these nice clothes can come off, they fight in these sexy outfits, love watching those short skirts ride up their beautiful asses. Ariel is a great grappler, add the element of surprise and she does some real damage in this first round as evidenced by Emily crawling back to her corner – worth it just to watch that crawl. But do not count the sexy one out, she puts on boxing gloves telling Ariel she doesn’t want blood on her hands and there will be blood! Ariel attacks but three low hard blows, each lifting her off her feet take this match in a whole new direction – a savage body attack; blows to gut and kidney, then the holds. Both their shirts are off as well as the gloves – now it’s just wrestling but has Ariel sustained too much damage? We have a fight on our hands and they are still in their sexy outfits !!!


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