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Match 1 -Double Trouble brings you yet another great panty hose match. Melissa Jacobs is a tattooed red head who kicks some real ass. Who’s ass? That fine piece of ass would be none other than the gorgeous Samantha Ryan. Both fighters have an itchin’ to hurt somebody so they pulled all of the stops out for this match. There are tons of snide remarks and playful torture to be found in this video; it even leads to one of the girls grabbing chains from under the mat and repeatedly choking her foe out. The crotch attacks and freakish use of chains amp up in the second half of this match, making it one hell of a fun time.

Match 2Randy Moore and Paris Kennedy used to be friends. That was until Randy refused to fight her because Paris wasn’t experienced enough. Well, those are fightin’ words, and luckily Paris was already in her red lingerie and ready to fight. She goes right after Randy, and knocks that snooty blonde bimbo out with a blow to the head. Paris takes her lingerie off so that she’s wearing nothing but her red stockings and a thong. She proceeds to face sit Randy until she’s out cold. Of course the logical next step is to strip Randy down until she matches Paris. You are going to love watching Paris’ awesome body wreak havoc on the perfection that is Randy Moore’s body.

Match 3 -These young ladies are some real bad asses. Danielle Trixie and Melissa Jacobs are in the ring wearing nothing but panty hose. I know that they aren’t wearing anything else because throughout the match Danielle Trixie keeps pulling the panty hose down just below Melissa’s butt and cruelly sinking her long nails into the soft cheek flesh of Melissa’s ass. Melissa retaliates with her own punishment as she mauls the hell out of Danielle’s pink pussy, only protected by a thin layer of sheer stockings. In addition, these mean girls dole out some violent wedgies that damn near rip the girls in two. This panty hose match is a lot of dirty fun, featuring two of the nastiest young women in fighting.


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