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Match 1 -This match features some of the sexiest outfits ever. Tylene Buck and Ariel X are wearing long sleeve gloves and special G-stings where the waist goes all the way up over their shoulders… and that’s it! This lingerie really makes their hot bodies look all the better. Ariel X is laying a mean smack down on a squeaking and whimpering Tylene. Yes, it is true that Ariel X is probably one of the most, if not the most, skilled fighter in the history of Double Trouble, but could it be this easy for her to crush a living legend like Tylene? Well, if you want to see history in the making then you need to watch this match and find out if Tylene can make the comeback of the century (in some super hot lingerie too).

Match 2Nikki Lee Young and Cali Logan – the blonde vs. the brunette, two super sexy grapplers make this one fun fight. Both are tough ladies, but when Nikki starts out in front it surprises everyone including Cali, so much so that she resorts to a low blow to gain control, and once in control she really has some fun as she rides Nikki facing her fabulous ass and giving her a killer wedgie showing off every inch of that gorgeous butt, ending with a wild butt squeeze kneading both cheeks. From here she throws on a tight body scissors that allows her to go after Nikki’s vulnerable crotch, but Nikki soon gets her chance and goes wild on Cali, soon both tops are off and both beauties are going crazy on each other, lots of great holds stretch these sleek figures; foot in crotch stretch, camel clutch, Boston crab, butt to butt press, breast gouging, face sits, figure four head scissors, and one of my favorites, reverse school boy pin with hits to the gut. And some great surprises in the end, blonde vs. brunette – two wild women getting wild one each other !!!!!

Match 3 -Do not wear another girls new bikini! Everyone knows this, everyone but Randy Moore, yes, she is wearing Capri Cavanni’s new suit, a cat fight ensues, a real cat fight with all the breast and crotch destruction you expect from a good cat fight – yes when Randy gets access to Capri’s butt she goes for both crotch and butt, then the foot goes hard in the crotch as she pulls her legs for more pain. Tops are soon off affording both ladies access to those luscious breasts, and access means destruction but mostly they seem determined to go after chokes, with tops, hands and arms they choke for the joy of destruction. Add some head slugs and our sexy cat fight is complete. These are two of the sexiest ladies ever and just watching them together is sublime, two of the best bodies in the business !!!!!!


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