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Match 1 -This match features the incredibly wild Akira Lane and Kymberly Jane. Akira bites a chunk out of Kymberly’s leg within the first minute of the fight, if you need any proof of how ridiculous these wrestlers are. These girls are both loud and energetic. So if you are hard of hearing this may be a great choice for you, otherwise keep the volume at medium, unless you want to pop an eardrum. Kymberly puts a bow and arrow on Akira that damn near rips her in half, in revenge, Akira repeatedly stomps Kymberly’s crotch. This is a action packed, fun match featuring two beautiful and spunky fighters.

Match 2Randy Moore and Star 9 meet in the changing room at DT studios. They immediately get in each other’s faces, not a mean way, but in a sexually charged discussion of their upcoming match. While both of these lovely ladies are blonde and beautiful, their body types couldn’t be anymore different. Randy has a perfect hourglass figure, big round boobs and butt are contrasted by an ultra slim and tight waist. Star 9 is more of a petite body type. This match could best be described as sensual. The movement is slow and methodical. The hits and holds are precise and powerful. The moans and touches seem to echo notes of attraction rather than loathing.

Match 3Samantha Ryan is foaming at the mouth to attack the new girl, Eva Lovia. However, Eva may not be the pushover that Samantha thinks she is. Samantha’s pale white skin is wonderfully juxtaposed by Eva’s exotic caramel complexion. Eva’s soft skin and natural tits have yet to be truly callused by the warfare of DT wrestling, making this match a more intense and transcendent experience than most other DT fights. Samantha molds Eva’s warm and malleable clay body into a terra cotta warrior. The process is painful but so much fun to watch. The question is: can Eva overcome this baptism by fire and even have a chance to win this heated and important match.


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