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Match 1 -Someone dares to tell Kristie Etzold she is losing her touch, she doesn’t have it any more – Kristie is mad and out to prove how crazy they are, oh how I pity the the las that gets in with her next because the red head is out to prove just how destructive she can still be. Celeste Star is asking why she had to sign that strange waiver, then she sees the angry Kristie and Star worries what she has got herself into. Well she should worry as big red comes out for blood, the brunette tries to give her a shoulder tackle, no effect, she tries it again and again no effect, except to amuse Kristie who comes back with a clothes line, vicious stomps to the gut, corner body splashes and ending the fall with a killer choke that leaves poor Celeste out cold. The next fall is no better for the brunette as big red catches her in the corner for some destructive gut slamming with slugs that send quakes rippling through her whole midsection and ends another fall with a throttling nerve hold that again has Celeste out on the canvas. Celeste may be too tough for her own good as she comes out for round after round and it just gets worse and worse; claw to the face, ride her like a pony, rip off her top and lots more corner destruction and chokes – NO KRISTIE IS NOT LOSING HER TOUCH AND HER TOUCH IS DESTRUCTIVE AS EVER !!!!!

Match 2 -This starts in mid destruction as Ashley Grace is destroying Danielle Trixie, she tosses the petit blonde around the ring like a rag doll, then takes off her top and uses her beautiful bountiful breasts to smother the beautiful blonde, and so it goes as not only destruction but humiliation befall the poor blonde as Ashley makes her do all her disgraceful bidding; on her knees to kiss her feet then her butt. Bored with humiliation she goes back to pain, dragging poor Danny to the corner by her hair where she can finish her annihilation but wait, what is this, Danny turns the tables – oh this could be real trouble for Ashley as the blonde wants revenge and not just in pain but in degradation, she wants to go even farther than was done to her so she gets out the dog collar and chain, pay back is a bitch! Yes the payback goes even farther, now her ass, lipstick, hand cuffs and camera come into play, oh yes, pay back is a bitch !!!!!!

Match 3 -I’m just leaving – this is what Cali Logan used to try to get out of the ring when Afrika and Kristie entered, seeing these two big babes scared her – for good reason as it turns out, they aren’t ready to let her leave, they want a toy to practice with and this little cutie is just perfect. First they strip off her top then toss her back and forth till one of them clothes lines her, a double bow and arrow follows as both of them stretch Cali’s beautiful body, yes Cali never looked so sexy as during this match. This is just the beginning of the double teaming massacre, Afrika and Kristie never had so much fun, they love playing together, especially when they have such a gorgeous toy to play with, they enjoy her so much they strip her NUDE and then go crazy on her most fabulous body. Corner action seemed soft on her belly but they may have been doing that just to keep her around for all the other destruction, double leg scissors, double toe biting, double annihilation in so many ways, and they enjoy it so! Cali never looks so sexy in defeat and DOUBLE TROUBLE was never so appropriate !!!!!


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