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Match 1 -How hot are these two maidens with their long hair, no clothes but dark nylons that hang just below their hips and nothing on underneath; Melissa Jacobs, and Samantha Ryan, never have these two looked so hot as they slink around this ring of combat. They both feel they have such rock hard abs that a challenge is made and each strives to endure multiple blows, over and over they slam their fists into feminine belly flesh – it turns out to be a fabulous gut busting session. Their long manes shake as each blow tests their threshold of pain. The gut contest turns into a wedgie contest where they bear hug while pulling up the backs of the nylons causing massive wedgies, finally one surrenders but the fight is just getting going as now it turns into a real cat fight, each of these wild women goes for blood with great holds like Boston crabs, bow and arrows and lots of chokes but always so sexy in those hip hugger nylons. So sexy with that long hair flowing as they battle for dominance !!!!!

Match 2Paris Kennedy challenges Erika Jordan to meet her in the ring, both wearing their sexy black lingerie and Erika with see through black nylons. Erika arrives first and when asked if she has a chance against the larger Paris she starts to tout her weapons as she strokes her firm ass telling how strong it is then moves on to her muscular legs and finally stokes her rock hard abbs, with these weapons she is ready for the battle. Paris is also ready, they both start with fists up and the slugs come fast and furious – Erika gets smacked to the head with multiple hard shots, Paris takes a few but then she corners Erika and punishes her midsection with savage gut slugs. Finally Erika turns the tables with killers shots of her own along with some great face-sits and those kicks, they are the most devastating, leaving one lady almost out for good. Some blood is had by both warriors as this is a super knock down fight that ends with one long choke – finally one of these warrior fems gets to walk away as her defeated foe lays vanquished and bloody !!!!!

Match 3 -Two of DT’s hottest young wrestlers are facing off in this wonderful panty hose match. It is the fiery red head, Melissa Jacobs, throwing down against the platinum blonde, Danielle Trixie. The panty hose and legs are really featured in this video as both ladies use leg scissors with unabashed favoritism. Watch as Melissa and Danielle’s smooth legs wrap around each other’s necks and torsos. The screams and squeals are so hot that you may want to record them to listen to on your way to work in the mornings or while on your work out playlist. Please do yourself the favor of watching this panty hosed piece of art known as Melissa versus Danielle.


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