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Time/Size: 23 min/568 MB

Skimpy sling shot bikinis, two gorgeous blondes and oil, these are the ingredients for one super sexy match. JC Marie and Cherie Deville are two of the sexiest blondes around, both with fabulous bodies and bountiful butts of beauty. They meet in the ring and strip out of their shorts revealing the bottoms of these micro string sling shot bikinis and then start bumping chests to see who has the strongest chest, but soon they hit the ground and roll locked in each others embrace. Finally they stand and now comes the great idea to use oil, wow, is this a good idea because these two are so sexy with oil, just watching them spreading the oil over their soft skin, their hands gliding over the the wonderful curves. Once lathered up they start the rolling again only stopping to apply more oil, then a magnificent butt contest with two of the best behinds in the business, and to make it even better they soak their gorgeous behinds in oil then slam all that butt flesh together, next some tribbing but now it’s the butt that rubs the crotch and the girls are really getting turned on. A tight bear hug and more rolling caps this sensuous battle, yes the contests have winners and losers and yes their is a final victor but really, can anyone be a loser here? The answer is no, because the loser gets a sensuous rub down, but the real winner is you, because watching this mixture of skimpy sling shot bikinis, hot blondes and oil is one fabulous treat !!!!!


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